Transfers and Transportation

Regarding transfer, corresponding to your written demands, you will be picked up at agreed place and time by drivers or responsible persons. Shortly before the journey you will have received more detailed information, but in general, expect a man with a tournament logo in his hands waiting for you at your destination.

Regular shuttle bus will be connecting Hotel Hilton and Crow arena on schedule, which will take approximately 10 minutes (4,5 km distance). I am sure you will be satisfied. There will be a bus schedule at hotel foyer, Crow arena and in your bulletin and on web site as well. Briefly said, since 7 am till evening, bus with a logo and sign of destination,  will depart every whole hour from hotel to stadium and every half an hour from stadium to hotel. For free of course. If some problems or any short delay requirements, ask a bus driver or an organizers directly or through your team assistant.

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